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Take the management burden off of your field staff by giving them a tool to make their lives easier. FieldClock is an easy-to-use mobile app that does the heavy lifting for your people in the field and your people in the office. Let your staff get back to managing your business rather than time cards and piece tickets.

We could try to explain to you why it's awesome, but we think you're better off just seeing for yourself.

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Real-time Updates

Calling your staff for production updates is a thing of the past. Hours and production data from the field are automatically synchronized with our server to provide you with real-time updates wherever you are.

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Direct to Your Payroll Software

Download your payroll information from FieldClock to your accounting system with the click of a button. We currently offer integrations with Quickbooks, Farmer's Office, Compu-Tech, and Famous and are working on more.

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No Specialized Hardware, No Lock-in

Don't buy expensive, custom hardware. Don't get locked into an expensive contract. FieldClock is available on iOS and Android devices. Give it a try on your phone now!

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