In The Field

Our mobile app is designed to be easy

Code-scanning Simplicity

Scan employees' badges for instant action.

Track Hours

Clock employees and crews in and out with ease!

Track Piecework

Keep track of employee production without creating mountains of paperwork.

Geo-fenced Jobs

Employees are presented with jobs based on their location.

Photos & Notes

Take notes and photos of your fields and production.

Multiple Languages

Your employees speak Spanish? No problem, so does our app!

In The Office

Say goodbye to data entry

Real Time Updates

All data is stored in the cloud and synchronized automatically. View labor and production stats in real time!

Break Pay Calculations

We know many localities have complicated break-pay requirements. You create the rules, FieldClock does the math.

Payroll Integrations

We offer over a dozen integrations including Kronos, Compu-Tech, Farmer's Office, Famous, ADP, and more!


Access to your data like you've never had before

View Field Costs

Do you know how much you spent on pruning in each of your fields this year? With FieldClock, you'll never have to wonder.

View Productivity

Know exactly which of your employees are pulling their weight.

Original Time Records

Government audit? No problem! All of your original time records can be downloaded with a single click.


Keep control of your information

Encrypted Communication

All communications with our servers are secured with SSL encryption, just like your bank.

Role-based Permissions

Your employees have different responsibilities, and their FieldClock accounts get different permissions.

Field-based Permissions

Pick and choose which fields you want available to different bosses in the field.

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