A huge bucket of cherries!

Scanning pieces is super easy!

A beautiful cherry tree

Rows of trees in a field

iPhone - fully charged with all updates, external battery - fully charged, Bluetooth printer - for temporary badges and end of day receipts, punch cards and puncher.

Kyle Mathison Orchards visits Vickery Orchards to see FieldClockApp in the field! #cherryharvest! Thanks JD, Orlando and Luis!

Seeing your orchard's activity is easy with FieldClock

Keep track of your labor and production with FieldClock

Take quality notes during harvest with FieldClock

FieldClock makes your life easier by not getting in the way

FieldClock keeps track of how many pieces you have picked

Recording piecework is easy with the FieldClock app

FieldClock running on iPad during cherry harvest

FieldClock running on iPad during cherry harvest

A ticketer recording piecework using FieldClock

An active picking job

Scanning apples through the FieldClock app

One of our best FieldClock supporters!

Scanning badges in FieldClock

An early morning start for a picking job

One huge crate of apples, all tracked through FieldClock

A couple happy FieldClock cherry pickers

A FieldClock training session

We promote at events and conferences all over the US

A green apple orchard - all picked, scanned, and tracked through FieldClock

The FieldClock harvest success kit

We get to work in some beautiful places such as green apple orchards


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