Hello my name is Alex Garcia, Director of Sales at FieldClock. Thank you for taking the time to read these news alerts; we value staying in contact with our customers. Since Josh's last post, we realized it was time to share some new information. We hope you find the following news helpful and progressive. With the farming industry being as complex as it is, our goal is to simplify processes, increase communication and hold people accountable. Our platform impacts and improves what we call the 3 P's: People, Product and Process. It evaluates the people working in your organization; both on the payroll side and in the field. It will help maintain the integrity of your product by showing you what's going on in your ranches in real time. It brings more structure to your process, which creates a stronger sense of accountability within your organization. If you would like more details on our goals and how we make them realities, please feel free to call at any time at (949) 230-9450. Now that you have a bit of an idea of who we are and what we strive to be every day, we want to share the latest enhancements made to the app and admin sides of FieldClock. One of the things that makes us unique is being able to take ideas and concepts from our clients and build them into our platform. On the Mobile App Added a new role called "Roamer":This will allow an employee to clock themselves in and out of jobs. They will not be able to clock other employees in and out or create jobs that have piece work associated with them. Employees like Irrigators and sprayers will find this new role much more user friendly.

Added support for multiple piece types on the same job:This feature was requested by a few of our clients that pick cherries into buckets and also pay their pickers to sort their own picking into a small "tote". When you select multiple pieces to keep track of, you're now able to toggle back and forth from each piece type.On the Admin Site (website) we made a couple major enhancements: Added support for multiple piece types on the same job:You're now able to track multiple pieces on the same job. For example: Pay your picker for a bucket and a tote. Improved job finalization to explicitly call out Minimum-Wage adjustments:Staying in tune with laws and regulations, we wanted to add this feature to help our clients identify who isn't making minimum wage on piece work jobs. Being able to identify situations like this allows our clients to stay compliant with laws and make quick decisions on who they have picking their fruit.